The Master Series

Own an authentic, hand-painted artwork from antiquity through the Impressionists. These masterful reproductions offer the closest experience to owning a priceless, museum-quality painting. Unparalleled in their beauty, they make a striking statement on any wall.

Master Series Catalogue

This catalogue of paintings are master copies that have been completed and are in existing private collections. These paintings represent the quality and craft that goes into each master copy.
They will never be painted by Nate again. Enjoy!

The Practice of the Copyist

Painting through the act of copying existing artworks is an age-old tradition that hones an artist’s skills and appreciation for the masters of the past. By meticulously replicating every brushstroke, hue, and detail, the artist delves deep into the original creator’s technique and vision. This process grants profound insights into the composition, color theory, and storytelling of the master work, and through the experience, enriches the artist’s own style.

Beyond imitation, the act of copying becomes an homage to the greats, a pathway for modern artists to experience the timeless beauty of classic masterpieces while refining their abilities to create awe-inspiring art of their own.

For the private collector, owning a master copy brings a piece from the museum into your home, to be enjoyed every day.

Master copies are not fakes. They are signed by the copying artist, in this case Nathan Sullivan, with documentation (Certificate of Authenticity) that states when the work was completed and what original work it copies. They are often also signed by the phrase, “After…” to indicate after the original artists death. They are not new works, or lost works, or creates that are meant to deceive.