Sometimes you want something very specific. You have an idea. And no amount of AI prompting is going to create it for you—you want a real person. That’s what we discuss here. And hopefully I can help.

New! Miniature Pet Portraits

I have a new commission that I’m offering…for now it’s just here at, but it will soon be on Etsy—just have to figure out all of the logistics. Here’s how it works. These are very small portraits (2.5″ x 3.5″), 100% hand-painted, and they arrive framed in an elegant classy, ornate resin frame.

All that I need from you is a portrait oriented photo (2-3 options is great), and a couple of words that describe your pet’s personality. Our “Edie” is a prima donna (at right) as you can see. I then align your pet’s personality with a historical portrait, and voila—off to the canvas. It takes roughly a week but your portrait of your deserving pet is soon in the mail. And there’s even free shipping in the U.S.

What other types of commissions do I do?

Below is a list of the types of commission works I might be able to help with, including some ballkpark prices that should give you an idea for commissioning. Yes, it’s more expensive. Commissions take time. But they are truly custom one-of-a-kind pieces.

Traiditional Oil Painting Portrait
House Portrait