Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose – John Singer Sargent


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This painting is one of Sargent’s most popular and accessible paintings. It currently hangs in the Tate Britian museum in London. Painted in 1885, as an oil on canvas, it’s original dimensions are 68.5 in × 60.5 in, making it a quite large painting. This timeless piece would look great in any home. The size of the master copy will be 18″ x 20.” However if you’re really interested in a larger size, and closer to the originally painted work, we can talk. It will just be additional materials costs and shipping. The time remains the same.

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About the Master Copy

Each master copy in the Master Series is a hand-painted oil painting. These are started when the order is placed, and take about 3-6 months to receive the final oil painting, depending on the level of difficulty and details. All master copy paintings are completed as close to the original as possible; however there will likely be variations and differences. Feel free to check out the catalogue of completed paintings to get an idea of quality. A master copy is painted “After” the artist, and I complete these only when the artist’s work is in the public domain. All rights to the new image are retained by Nate Creates.

Limited Nature of Master Copies

Each painting in the Master Series are original paintings. Nate Sullivan paints each master copy once. The Master Series Catalogue can be viewed to get an idea of past works, and feel free to contact the artist if you have a very specific master copy you want made. If it’s not been painted yet, then chances are it can be worked out.

Painting Sizes

There is a maxiumum limit to the master paintings of 20″ in any direction. They are shipped with their stretch bars they were painted on, and the canvas is rolled into a poster tube. This is the safest and most ecnomical way to ship. If you do not want to assemble the painting once received, you can request special shipping with the price to be deteremined. This is not available to international orders.

Certificate of Authenticity

Every painting comes with a certificate of authenticity. Due to the highly accurate reproduction, and the fact that the look to be original, Nate does not paint works in the style of the artist, nor does he sign the works with the artist name, in order to reduce any chance of the works be confused as forgeries.