“A Lust for Knowledge II” (18″x24″) – Poster


SKU: PST2019LFK001

“A Lust for Knowledge II” is the second exploration around the idea of books, and absorption in the pursuit of knowledge. This time, the blend of cyberpunk and steampunk give a traditional palette an other-worldly glow; the slouched woman basking in unnatural blue light. She is surrounded by unopened, neglected books. The book in her lap is open and contains an unfamiliar form of punchcard binary. Light glints off the bookcase and ladder in the background. Someone has opened a door to her room, and she turns, yet cannot see them with her VR visor hardwired into any number of literary indulgences that surround her.

This poster (18″x24″) is a reproduction of the original oil painting (30″x48″). In order to fit within a popular poster and frame size, some slight cropping has happened.

The poster is printed on 80# cover coated matte paper, with a matte UV coating.

ARTIST NOTE: This poster should not be considered a fine-art reproduction printed on acid-free paper with a fancy, French-sounding printer. My goal with this poster is to make my artwork accessible to as many people as possible, at a price point that even I could have afforded on a college-diet of ramen and manga. And that was 1993!

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: The cost to ship international, even to Canada or Mexico, is expensive.  It’s going to run $22-$25 minimum. It may be possible to do print on demand, localized to countries — I don’t know. In any case, it is available, for Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Spain and Switzerland. If your country isn’t listed, or if you’re super interested in getting a poster, contact me. Maybe something can be worked out.

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