Mirado Black Warrior No. 2 Writing Pencil (HB) – PaperMate


A classic that combines a time-tested design with a smooth, latex-free eraser. The Paper Mate Black Mirado HB is built from quality wood, strong enough to handle even the most brutal sketch sessions or note taking. The pencil features HB lead, and is capped with a 100% latex-free, smudge-resistant eraser. This pencil is the perfect partner for all your writing.
  • Quality wood construction for durability that won’t let you down
  • 100% latex-free smudge-resistant eraser keeps your surfaces clean
  • Pencil with bold #2 lead makes writing stand out and is perfect for standardized tests
  • Matte black barrel provides a sophisticated look
  • The double gold foil heart is priceless

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