“A Lust for Knowledge II” Original Oil Painting


“A Lust for Knowledge II” is an original oil painting and is the second exploration around the idea of books and knowledge. Painted in water-soluble oil over an acrylic underpainting, it has a high-gloss varnish, and lush deep colors of oil.

It will be available in six months after receiving a final varnish.

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“A Lust for Knowledge II” is an original oil painting and the second exploration around books and the lustful acquisition of knowledge.

This time the blend of cyberpunk and steampunk combines in a traditional palette with an other-worldly glow, the slouched woman basking in unnatural blue light. She is surrounded by unread books. The book in her lap is open and contains an unfamiliar form of punchcard binary. Light glints off the bookcase and ladder in the background. Someone has opened a door and she turns, but cannot see them, her VR visor hardwired into any number of literary indulgences.

Painted has been completed in water-soluble oil with a high gloss varnish finish. The painting was completed in roughly 100 hours, between February 2019 and April 2019.

The painting will be available in six months (~September 2019) after receiving its final varnish once the oil is fully dried.

All artwork is priced unframed. If you are interested in the painting framed, please contact me directly.

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Dimensions 30 × 48 in