Jackalope Girl


SKU: OEPGSF012021-1

The painting was completed in the spring of 2024 and marks the first Eastern Oregon inspired myth portrait.

Product Details:

  • Sizes: 8″ x 10″ |  11″ x 14″
  • Paper: Smooth Luster Surface
  • Edition: Open Edition

Each print has been sized to fit a standard size mat window. Some prints come in a variety of sizes. In some situations, cropping of the original artwork may occur when matched to this sizing. If it important to you to have a reproduction as close to the original proportions, select “Original Proportion” to have the same ratio as the original.

Shipping: If you are in Pendleton, Oregon, and want to stop by and pickup your artwork at the Mystical Market that happens each third Saturday of the Month, you’ll be given this option on checkout.

About Nate’s Open-Edition Prints

An open-edition print is not limited in addition size. This allows me to offer all of my artwork at an economical price while keeping the quality high. These prints help support the creation of new, original artworks in oil, acrylic or graphite. By purchasing an open-edition print, you’re showing support for my artwork. Thanks for your support.