Instagram 1K Sticker Pack


This special, reserved gift for Instagram peeps. In order to get this sticker pack of 3 quality vinyl stickers, you must add this to your cart. When you get to the cart, enter the coupon code you’ve been given. It should zero everything out and you should have zero costs, including shipping. There is only one pack available per individual. If you run into any problems, please email me at nate at Thanks again, and hope you enjoy.

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This is a special, reserved gift for Instagram followers only and is only available with a coupon code. Please note, supplies are limited and so if you’re unable to complete the checkout and get a zero price, it’s possible that the code has already been used. Watch for additional promotions and let me know – I may notify directly those that were unable to order, with a different code.

The retail price will go to zero once the coupon code is applied. This #lustforknowledge2 Instagram sticker pack consists of both VR Book Girl stickers, and a sticker of the painting, Echo and Narcissus.

Thanks again for your support and hope you enjoy.

Also – this is available for international shipping but not all countries. If you find your unable to have this shipped, please email me directly at nate at Thanks.