Here are some active projects that I’m currently working on. Lil’ Red Kap has been going since 2011. The Nine Other Muses started in 2018. Projects never end, they just continue as a single creative journey. 

The Artistic Journey Never Ends

I’ve never worked on a single project for as long as I’ve stuck with Lil’ Red Kap. Since 2011 I’ve seen this project through several iterations, never willing to fully give up on the characters, the story, but always underestimating the time necessary to see it through to completion. And then I find other paths, like The Nine Other Muses, a more recent adventure. My art projects never quite have an endpoint. They’re never defined. Instead, their journey is one of creativity and development. I hope you enjoy following the journey.

Lil’ Red Kap

Inspired by Japanese manga, Lil’ Red Kap is a graphic novel set in an alternate history right after the collapse of the Soviet Union and Cold War Russia. Based on the original, Little Red Cap by the Grimm Brothers, this is story features Kiska, an evil wolf, and grandma’s house, which just so happens too be in the discarded wasteland of a secret city. You can learn more about the project by visiting the website,

The Nine Other Muses

There are the original muses…and then there are the Nine Other Muses. Forgotten from literature and history, unwanted, the Nine Other Muses find themselves occupied with boredom, plotting to disrupt the inspiration and creativity of artists, writers, and anyone searching for inspiration. This is an on-going project that I’m actively developing. Follow my Instagram account for updates.